We’ve just gotten the wonderful news that SolidBlock had been invited to join the Security Token Alliance (STA), the biggest international think tank dedicated to the emerging $10 trillion security token industry.

With 80+ partners worldwide, the STA views security tokens as today’s best use case for blockchain. According to the STA, “Security Tokens allow you to digitize real assets, equity, or debt without intermediaries or manual work.” Currently, the group says, security tokens are not well-known and suffer from a climate of uncertainty. “We need collaboration and integration to move forward.”

Joey Bertschler, the STA’s VP, explained why they’re reaching out to SolidBlock at this point: “We’re gathering all serious Security Token related projects together to collaborate on standards and shared projects, to discuss common needs, requirements, ideas, and more.”

SolidBlock will leverage its global reputation, along with knowledge and experience gleaned from past and current security token projects. SolidBlock’s accomplishments include the 2018 crowdfunded tokenization of the Aspen St. Regis resort in Colorado, as well as projects being developed for the very near future.

The STA has gotten lots of buzz due to the fact that its founder, Frederik Bussler, is only 19 years old. Bussler is well known for his outspoken opinions on why utility tokens, with their anonymity and insecurities, are not the best option for the ongoing growth of blockchain-based investment.

Back in July, Bussler wrote in Altcoin Magazine that security tokens are “the best use-case out there, enabling greater operational efficiency, greater liquidity, fractionalized ownership, easier capital raising, 24/7/365 markets, and many other benefits.”

Through the STA, Bussler and his colleagues aim to create standards and values for the security token community as a whole in advance of the anticipated rise of blockchain from $1.5 billion in 2018 to $11.7 billion in 2022. They hope to democratize investment and finance by creating greater liquidity, assuring full regulatory compliance, and creating solid, secure financial services platforms that are accessible to investors and asset owners of all sizes.

SolidBlock is proud to have been selected as part of the STA and we look forward to working with our colleagues from around the world. Together, we can tame the Wild West of the security token industry and start creating a safer, more secure space for all.

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