The Traditional Real Estate Brokerage Model


There is nothing wrong with the traditional real estate brokerage model.  As an investor, you seek either a low risk – low return current property, a soon to be renovated existing property that you can sell for a significantly higher purchase price, or choose an undeveloped property to sell at an even higher return.  By the time you’ve poured over all the paperwork to make a decision, your investment choice may have been made that much easier with technology.


Why Alternative Strategies and Technologies are Working


From Singapore to San Francisco, Sydney to San Marino,  you can easily access information in relative comfort. New technologies are providing accurate up to the minute information to you, the investor than ever before. Just as it’s always good to ‘meet and greet’ and know whom you are investing with, its equally important to know with whom your chosen investment has partnered with and why. That’s where SolidBlock comes in.


Why Tokenization Is Considered Revolutionary


SolidBlock like many other tech startups was enthralled with the invention of blockchain.  Blockchain technology can be applied to practically any industry. SolidBlock chooses to focus on the world of prime real estate by digitizing property assets in the form of securitized tokens.


SolidBlock carefully corners the world for prime real estate investments, designing and implementing blockchain platforms.  You, the investor, gain the ability to conduct your due diligence and verify a specific property online. Once you invest and your transaction is tokenized, SolidBlock streamlines the many complexities involved in a real estate transaction. While your investment is continually updated,  its data is accessible to verified investors in a transparent and secure environment.


Unprecedented is the fact that since a middleman is no longer required to expedite a previously lengthy paperwork process, transaction costs are kept relatively low.


Yet, the most important feature of tokenization and Solidblock’s process is the democratization of real estate, which enables access to the best projects via creating truly global marketplace opportunities – this opens up the market to investors, which didn’t have access to prime deal from both ends of the spectrum – the LPs on the hunt for the best returns and real estate pro’s or the real estate market novices alike.




The Three C’s –  Competition, Capital, Connection


“Unlike commercials that spend a large part of their marketing dollars to prove they are better than their competition, we at SolidBlock welcome competition,” says Yael Tamar, CMO at SolidBlock.


Yael’s refreshingly unorthodox approach about bringing business leaders and pioneers in blockchain together on a global level is infectious. Her core belief that there is space for everyone at the table is well timed.  “We are at the forefront of accessibility, bringing the best real estate deals to the market in an innovative way.”


“Because there are so many different real estate product offerings, it is good to have a variety of  platforms for investors to choose from. This ensures that companies continue to evolve, grow and refine their product in accordance with investors needs.  By increasing capital in the primary market, this momentum naturally connects the capital flow to the secondary market, enabling investors to quickly identify new products, granting investors direct access to new deals in real time.  Securitize tokens also empower investors to legitimately trade on secondary markets at a later stage.” As a strategist, Yael’s passion is evident. She can hardly wait to identify new products for investments, connecting investors and seeing the momentum of capital flows increase at a global level.


“With so many opportunities available, the timing of securitized tokens in the market could not have happened at a better time.  A key aspect is connecting flows of capital. “This only works if the timing is right,” says Yael with conviction. And that timing is now.


Claim your seat at the table to benefit from a diverse menu for your discerning palate.


You are sure to find a product that works for you.

About The Author

Yael Tamar

Yael Tamar, CMO and Partner at SolidBlock, a new fundraising vehicle, offering a compliant global platform for the issuance and trade of digital securities backed by real estate & other assets. Yael is a financial strategist, speaker, advisor, and mentor with over a decade of experience. Yael is a regional co-chair at FIBREE, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise.

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