Do you know about Deep Tech Deep Dives yet?

There are so many great conferences all over the world that we have to be more than a little choosy about which ones we actually get to in person.  So it takes something truly extraordinary to get Solidblock CMO Yael Tamar to pull on her traveling shoes and take to the air once again.

Like the name suggests, Deep Tech Deep Dives are in-depth events aimed at executives looking for a serious way to get up to speed fast on emerging technologies and markets.  These are no-nonsense forums that examine how the convergence of new technologies impacts specific industries, whether it’s investment, real estate and construction, or sports.

They’re taking place all over Europe this year, and Yael will be heading to the very first one, in Zurich, on Jan. 30.  The Tokenized Assets Roundtable features 7 speakers from Europe’s top blockchain and tokenization leaders.

Deep Tech Deep Dives: Tokenized Assets Roundtable (click here to book a one-on-one with Yael in Zurich)

The goal of the roundtable is educating investment professionals about the potential for tokenization to build innovation and “unfreeze” the stuck global real estate investment space.  We are confident that this and other similar events will help create greater awareness, openness, and hopefully even excitement around some of the tokenization projects SolidBlock is rolling out over the next little while.

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Yael Tamar

Yael Tamar, CMO and Partner at SolidBlock, a new fundraising vehicle, offering a compliant global platform for the issuance and trade of digital securities backed by real estate & other assets. Yael is a financial strategist, speaker, advisor, and mentor with over a decade of experience. Yael is a regional co-chair at FIBREE, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise.

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