Blockchain Future of Global Real Estate Transactions
Apr 30, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Can Blockchain make a difference in how we do Real Estate business in days to come?

Transparent Transactions, Referral tracking, Commissions tracking & payments – how does it work?

We take you in the world of how this can change some of the things we do today.

SolidBlock’s CMO & Partner Yael Tamar will be joining the webinar hosted by Raj Rajpal and Vanessa Saunders (Founder & CEO, Global Property Systems RE)  alongside Teresa Grobecker (Founder & CEO, Consortia) to talk about the Blockchain Future of Global Real Estate Transactions on 30th April, 12 PM ET.

Conversation will focus on the disruption blockchain is bringing to the real estate space in light of all the changes the industry is undergoing.

The way we buy, sell, rent and use property is changing at a rapid pace. Brokers of today are not the same as brokers of tomorrow – who knows perhaps in a few months or years they will start selling fractions of real estate instead of whole units.

To join the webinar register here:

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