Are you an optimist or a pessimist?  Maybe this quote from Oscar Wilde will help you decide: “A pessimist is somebody who complains about the noise when opportunity knocks.”

There’s a ton of “knocking” going on out there right now – are you complaining about the noise, or are you rushing in to make your fortune?

You can be forgiving for mistaking the knocking for bad news. Markets everywhere are suffering, unemployment is sky-high all over the globe, real estate assets are losing their value. To say there must be a silver lining seems hopelessly naive.  But that’s exactly what we at SolidBlock have been saying all along.

SolidBlock’s CMO Yael Tamar is the consummate optimist.  And in this exciting webinar, part of the recent Global Unit Conference, a community of entrepreneurs, artists, investors, change-makers and futurists sharing and exchanging ideas, she shares not just her thoughts but actual statistics on why this is actually not just a silver lining, but a golden one – a window of opportunity to make serious money.

According to Yael, “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime – or maybe 3 times in a lifetime – opportunity for people to get rich when they invest properly.”

The problem is that real estate, traditionally the most stable type of investment, offering higher returns in both the long and the short term, has had huge barriers to access.  Without major chunks of change to invest, ordinary people are shut out of the market altogether.

But now that’s exactly what has made the market ripe for disruption, according to Yael.

This webinar, entitled “Digital disruption in property finance and the transformative role of blockchain” explores how the new technology of blockchain is the magic ingredient that has disrupted the real estate industry, making investment faster, more affordable, and more transparent than ever before.

Sure, things can look mighty negative out there.  As Yael explained, before cars came along, there was a huge market for horses.  Everybody had to have horses, so they were very expensive, especially the faster and better-bred ones (the deluxe models!).  Then, along came Henry Ford, mass production, cars become more affordable, and suddenly hardly anybody wanted a horse.

Can you blame them?

The same thing happened to Blockbuster Video after the internet made watching movies simple and ubiquitous.  If you were a Blockbuster shareholder, that transition might have been devastating. But if you’d diversified, for example, if you had invested in Amazon back when they went public in May of 1997 instead of keeping all your money in Blockbuster until they went belly-up, you’d be sitting pretty right now no matter what happened to your Blockbuster shares.

In the same way, right now, it can seem like we’re in a destructive phase, but that’s old world thinking. Today’s real estate industry is estimated to be worth $200T – but under 20% of those assets are available for investment, in part because investing in real estate is everything millennial investors hate – it’s slow, low-tech, and inefficient.

Thanks to blockchain technology, there’s a whole new way to invest in real estate, opening up a big part of that 80%, as well as making the 20% more available to ordinary people as opposed to ultra high net worth individuals or big monolithic institutions.

To find out more about the silver lining, you can watch the whole webinar here. Even if you really ARE a pessimist, you’ll come away inspired.

And to explore ways that tokenized investment can become part of your own investment future or to see how tokenization can make fundraising based on your own real estate asset simpler, click here to pick your best time to chat.

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