Are we in the middle of the worst recession since the 1930s? Or is the future rosier than many are predicting?

On June 11, SolidBlock headed to what may be the most optimistic online conference of the year, BlockJakarta Digital 2020, where CMO Yael Tamar hosted a panel of red-hot panelists for “Investing in Crypto – High Institutional Demand Post Covid.”  She asked the question on everybody’s mind: is crypto is a safe path out of the global recession?

The year 2020 has certainly brought disaster for many, and traditional investments have taken a huge hit.  Now, as the world pulls into a recovery phase, investors are scrambling to find safe haven assets, and institutions are looking to protect their clients’ investments through diversification.

And that’s exactly where crypto comes in.

Listen to Yael chats with some of the heavy hitters:

Among all these panelists, we covered just about every single corner of the blockchain and investment world.

This time around, Yael focused mainly on institutional investment, a side of crypto that hasn’t gotten a lot of coverage lately. Banks, investment houses, advisors, funds – this session digged deep to get all the answers about the role crypto is going to play in global recovery. 

She has digged deep with all the panelists to hear about their recent experiences as well as their predictions for this period of uncertainty.

If you have missed this dedicated full-day event, featuring 600+ delegates, 30+ speakers, virtual booths, networking opportunities, and more, click through to listen to our Panel Chat

And if you want to find out more about leading investments in the blockchain space, click here to set up a time to chat with Yael one-on-one.

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Yael Tamar

Yael Tamar, CMO and Partner at SolidBlock, a new fundraising vehicle, offering a compliant global platform for the issuance and trade of digital securities backed by real estate & other assets. Yael is a financial strategist, speaker, advisor, and mentor with over a decade of experience. Yael is a regional co-chair at FIBREE, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise.

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