Have you ever noticed that stocks are tradeable and real estate isn’t?

With all the technology at our disposal today, why – when it comes to real estate – are we still pretending we’re stuck back in the last century?

Why not make real estate digital, tradeable, and marketable, just like stocks and other securities?  And while we’re at it, why not put the whole thing online and make it as easy to understand as online banking?

Based on these questions, SolidBlock has developed a platform built on secure blockchain technology for exactly this purpose: turning real estate into a digital asset. SolidBlock’s platform splits a large, illiquid real estate asset up into smaller, affordable pieces, or tokens, then allows independent trading exactly like stocks through an exclusive online marketplace.

Want to find out how it works? Register & Join this intimate webinar, you’ll have the chance to hear from Yael Tamar, CMO and partner of SolidBlock.

She’ll talk about how real estate can be digitized and traded as easily as shopping online. And she’ll share some of the reasons why conditions are ideal for tokenized real estate investment to gain momentum in the real estate world in the very near future, giving asset owners a better way to fund innovative projects and providing investors with transparency and liquidity they desire in today’s world.

This webinar will be offered in Hebrew.

To sign up, fill in all your information here. We hope you’ll be able to make it in person, so you can ask all your questions, but if something comes up and you can’t, registered participants will also get a link to a recording which will be available to watch later at your convenience.

About The Author

Yael Tamar

Yael Tamar, CMO and Partner at SolidBlock, a new fundraising vehicle, offering a compliant global platform for the issuance and trade of digital securities backed by real estate & other assets. Yael is a financial strategist, speaker, advisor, and mentor with over a decade of experience. Yael is a regional co-chair at FIBREE, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise.

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