As a teen, Mark Noorlander skated on the Dutch youth speed skating team, and not much has changed since then. He’s still hooked on fast-forward movement, today as an unabashed serial blockchain entrepreneur, taking ideas others have only dreamed about and making them soar. 

That’s why we’re excited to let you know that Mark has agreed to join SolidBlock’s advisory board, helping us out when it comes to technical and growth aspects of running a blockchain business.  

Given Mark’s love of speed, it’s no surprise that he was an early blockchain adopter. Back in 2015, he co-founded Flashboys, a Netherlands tech incubator focusing on startups finding innovative applications for blockchain, IoT, and automated trading. Since then, he’s founded and co-founded several other businesses.

In those years of experience, there are few areas that Mark hasn’t explored – and he’s still working hard to drive the industry forward, actualizing blockchain’s potential to make life easier in a wide range of areas. 

Mark’s latest business, Unchained Carrot, harnesses blockchain to create and automate reward-based marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Before this, he was involved with a couple of startups dealing with finance, banking, and payment solutions, creating a wealth of experience Noorlander is sure to draw on in his role with SolidBlock.

“What SolidBlock is doing really meshes with my vision for promoting and supporting the mass adoption of this technology,” said Noorlander.  “It’s exciting to see it going mainstream at last.”

Originally from the Netherlands, Noorlander is a citizen of the world these days, operating at the speed of light from Rotterdam, Milan, Singapore, and wherever else he can to bring reliable financial products to the masses and spread the word about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

We’re proud that he’s taking the time to work with SolidBlock’s team as we assemble our upcoming slate of offerings along with our industry-leading marketplace. As a financial services veteran, his input is sure to be valuable, fueling both our organizations’ mutual success.

With Mark’s drive for speed and SolidBlock’s distinguished board of advisors, including industry experts from all over the world (psst… want to meet our advisors?), we’re sure to advance in leaps and bounds in the very near future.

Ready? We are!  Get set… and go!  And to find out where SolidBlock will sprinting to next now that Mark’s on board, be sure to follow us on your favorite social media.

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