Yesss…. You heard that right…!!! 

Our CMO, Yael Tamar, is amongst Unissu connect’s first shortlist of speakers again, out of almost 1000 global applicants, who’ll be participating  in Unissu connect 2.0. 

Unissu is a Proptech marketplace that launched Connect, which according to the Property Funds World is “an equivalent of the TED Talk.”  The globally selected speakers are experts on real estate and Proptech, and aid in facilitating access to education, about the impact of technology on the Real Estate industry. The audience will benefit from a wide range of talks that will help guide them in the property industry. 

Literally a TED Talk for real estate… How exciting…!

Earlier in the year, Yael Tamar, was also selected as one of the speakers, and would have presented in New York, about the future of global real estate and the rise of technology in the sector. Unfortunately, due to  Covid-19 the travel plans had to be put to a halt. But this is no longer the case, because Unissu Connect 2.0 is coming to Tel Aviv!

Unissu Connect 2.0, also seeks to test the speakers, by challenging them to find interesting and digital first approaches to delivering their messages across to the audience in short clips. So, you the audience, will be getting guidance from these real estate experts, get to connect with these experts and get to save your time too. 

Presentations in March were to take place in a few destinations like, Europe (London, Helsinki, Moscow, Budapest), North America (Toronto, New York, San Francisco), South America (Santiago, Buenos Aires, São Paulo), Africa (Lagos and Johannesburg) and Asia Pacific (Hong Kong and Sydney). This time round connect will be reaching out to even more destinations…over 30 cities!

Yael Tamar, a financial strategist, has over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, and has new and innovative insights about the future of Real Estate that she’d like to share with the global audience. 

Stay tuned, you wouldn’t want to miss this!

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