It might seem like the whole world is struggling with effects of COVID-19, but behind the scenes, the wheels are still turning – here at SolidBlock and over at the SEC.  Our newest partnership – with financial services powerhouse North Capital – means big gains for SolidBlock’s investors and asset owners.

Partnering with North Capital offers immediate benefits for SolidBlock-issued security tokens, including their ability to help us meet the highest level of compliance when it comes to SEC regulations in the U.S. 

With stringent KYC/AML and accreditation standards, highly secure custody and escrow services, the alliance will broaden SolidBlock’s ability to create regulatory-compliant offerings around the globe.  This makes SolidBlock now an even stronger choice for asset owners raising capital through a real-estate security token offering (STO). 

Founded in 2008 by CEO Jim Dowd, an industry leader with 30+ years of global financial experience, North Capital is an investment advisory firm offering custody, broker-dealer, money-market, and other services. 

Another benefit of the partnership is North Capital’s newly-announced digital securities exchange, PPEX ATS.  PPEX-ATS will add secondary trading capabilities, an essential puzzle piece for the SolidBlock ecosystem.  

The potential for secondary trading, especially with an industry leader like North Capital, is sure to attract more investors and create even more excitement during the STO phase.  And through vibrant markets for secondary trading, owners may actually see the value of their asset rise.  Being able to list tokens on the PPEX ATS exchange as well as in the native SolidBlock marketplace brings us closer than ever to our vision of seamless end-to-end token offerings.

North Capital is one of only a few financial services organizations to meet the stringent requirements of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and become an SEC-approved Alternative Trading System (ATS).  

Secondary trading is vital for the future of digital securities, giving investors the same options as with any other security, buying or selling based on their own goals and interests at any given time. This brings us all one step closer to the dream of true liquidity.

For an established financial services provider like North Capital, any venture into digital securities trading had to be 100% aboveboard, stopping at nothing to guarantee that transactions are as secure and compliant as anything on a standard securities exchange.  

Between North Capital’s rock-solid approach to SEC compliance and the flexibility and growth its ATS services will offer, this looks like the start of a beautiful partnership.To find out more about how digital securities can help you earn more – whether you’re an asset owner or an investor – click here to select your best time for an intro call.

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