SolidBlock is excited to announce that Brendan Holt Dunn has joined our Advisory Board. Brendan has been the CEO of Holdun for the past 15 years – his experience includes a prosperous background in wealth management and financial services. This array of knowledge and success with investment will be extremely helpful for SolidBlock moving forward with Brendan advising on investment opportunities. 

For Brendan Holt Dunn, investing in the future is in the blood – as the CEO of a 5th generation family business Holdun – Brendan and his family have been lending their trusted expertise for over 100 years. Since Brendan’s great great grandfather Sir Herbert Holt moved from Ireland to Canada, building an impressive empire, his goal was to ensure this wealth could continue through to future generations of his family – Holdun’s goal is to share their expertise and build a prosperous future. 

Brendan’s knowledge in wealth management and financial services saw him found Holt Accelerator in 2017, becoming Managing Director in 2018. Holt Accelerator is a modern-day brokerage firm, their target being to accelerate deals for FinTech startups between corporate clients and investors. 

Earlier in Brendan’s experience, he attended the American Academy of Financial Management, where he qualified as a Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM), Chartered Asset Manager (CAM), Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM), and a Certified Private Equity Specialist (CPES). He also attended the Canada Securities Institute where he qualified as a Canadian Investment Manager. Brendan also holds onto a Bachelor of Administrative and Commercial Studies, specialising in Finance, received from the University of Western Ontario. 

Brendan’s qualifications through study and his experience in the industry makes him an extremely exciting and valuable addition to the SolidBlock Board of Advisors. 

With an array of offerings coming up for SolidBlock, we are thrilled to have Brendan on our side as we bring further industry-leading investments to the marketplace. Brendan joins a distinguished board of advisors determined to bring blockchain investment further into the mainstream. Advising on financing and investment, Brendan’s expertise is bound to bring further success to SolidBlock – aiding us in preparing for the multitude of upcoming opportunities in disrupting the real estate market through blockchain technology. 

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To find out more about our investment opportunities, you can click here to schedule a time to call with Yael one-on-one. 

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