New investment opportunities are emerging all around Israel, yet most interesting ones are those in the cities’ industrial zones. 

Kiryat Gat, a city in central Israel, with easy access to the country’s other major cities, has a booming industrial zone. Only a few blocks away from HP and Intel buildings, a new industrial compound is currently being built, called the Green Park, which has been 100% pre-sold. Within the park, Carvil LTD began construction of a building named IndustriTech, opening exciting new chances for investors to make a profit. 

But it is not only the location of the industrial park which promises a good ROI when investing in the  IndustriTech building. It is SolidBlock’s partnership with Carvil LTD which offers the real big benefit of all – the investments will be made via SolidBlock’s innovative blockchain-based model, one that has been becoming increasingly popular as it holds many advantages over traditional ones.

On Tue Nov 11, 2020, 5 pm IST, SolidBlock, and Carvil LTD will be hosting an online closed event presenting this new project in Kiryat Gat which is now open for early bird investments. 

At the event, your hosts will discuss the unique investment potential Israel currently holds for new logistics centers, particularly for those such as IndustriTech which will be catering small to medium businesses. They will also discuss the market conditions that have allowed for this exclusive opportunity to take place and the investment options that can be taken advantage of as a result. Also, the best possible locations for establishing logistics centers in Israel will be explored.

This online event is a great place for you to learn all about how SolidBlock’s platform is becoming the smarter way to make a profit through real estate and how you can make this work for you when investing in the IndustriTech project.

You’ll find out:

  • Why logistics centers in Israel hold such unique business opportunities, especially now
  • How investment threshold is lowered so you can diversify your holdings and not invest all your eggs in a single property basket
  • How to reap the benefits of secure digital investments

First, we’ll get together online. Then, we’ll set up a time to answer all your questions.

Note that only pre-approved investors will be admitted to this closed event. Once you RSVP, we’ll be happy to guide you through the approval process. 

So don’t wait, sign up now before this one-of-a-kind opportunity is gone

Meet your hosts:

Carvil is a private company operating in the field of real estate investment, planning, development, and project management in Israel. Under the ownership of architect Dr. Eric Lederman, Carvil was founded in 2010, and since its establishment has pioneered the field of logistics and office construction targeted at small- and medium-sized enterprises.

SolidBlock is an end-to-end platform for issuing and trading property-backed digital securities, best known for its role in the world’s first successful commercial property tokenization, raising $18M for the St. Regis Resort in Aspen, Colorado.

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