Welcome to the third episode of SolidBlock’s podcast channel, “BlockSolid”, where Yael Tamar, SolidBlock’s CMO and co-founder, interviews different guests about an array of topics from the FinTech and PropTech worlds. Yael, with her upbeat personality and current questions, can make any subject an interesting listen, even to people new to the fields.

In this episode, Yael speaks to Mark Noorlander, a start-up investor & serial entrepreneur, Co-founder at Flashboys – a blockchain studio, Unchained Carrot, and Wizzle.io (fiat gateway and crypto payment solutions). After 10 years and a successful startup, he’d proven that focusing on customers was the key. When blockchain came along he took the same principles and applied them to help startups build solutions. Mark has personally advised around 100 ICO projects at the University of Bologna on blockchain technology.

Mark and Yael discuss Mark’s personal journey in the blockchain industry and the importance of technological disruption. Mark also explains how blockchain can now be applied to sustainable finance as it can be used to raise funds for sustainable projects and to achieve the goals that will bring us to a much more environmentally safe and protected world.

Mark has also recently joined SolidBlock’s board of Advisors and he explains what were his reasons for doing so, despite his very busy schedule. He believes that SolidBlock’s blockchain platform is a perfect solution as it creates the best infrastructure for trading, transferring assets, storing assets securely and is excited to be part of SolidBlock’s plans for 2021. 

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