Mark your calendars for the Tue, Dec 1, 1 PM EST to listen to Yael Tamar – SolidBlock’s CMO and Partner – talk to Stefan Tsvetkov about how tokenizing real estate is beneficial and acts as a bridge to finance.

Stefan is a real estate investor focused on multifamily buy-and-hold, financing/renovation flips and condo conversions in NJ. He is also the organizer of the Meetup group – Finance Meets Real Estate – a newly established meetup in Midtown Manhattan linking finance professionals with real estate investors to partner on active and passive real estate investment opportunities. 

This is a great chance to join in and learn more about how real estate tokenization offers many financial benefits such as access and inclusion to affordable housing, health care, insurances and more. By implementing tokenization of real estate, it becomes much easier to have access to what would be considered ‘privileges’ for some people as it opens traditionally high-cost and high-entry barrier markets to be more accessible to a greater proportion of the population.

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Interested in learning more how tokenization can help your business grow? Just click HERE to schedule a time to talk to one of SolidBlock’s partners.

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