On Nov 18, SolidBlock’s CMO and Co-founder, Yael Tamar – will be pitching about the company, in front of an expert panel at The Venture Summit Virtual Connect 2 day event. 

SolidBlock is amongst the 100 of the most exciting early-stage and emerging growth technology companies pitching at the event. Yael will be speaking about how SolidBlock is revolutionizing the way investments are made in real estate. Real estate is an untapped sector that has yet to have been digitized on a global reach. It’s a slow, non-transparent, bureaucratic, and traditional field. However, digitizing real estate offers easier access to lucrative opportunities that would be otherwise considered ‘privileges’ for some people. It opens traditionally high-cost and high-entry barrier markets to be more accessible to a greater proportion of the population.

The Venture Summit Virtual Connect is presented by Young Startup Venture. This event is an unparalleled opportunity for startups to meet, network, and showcase their inventions to a leading group of investors. 

To find out more about how real estate tokenization can revolutionize your business – click here to select your best time for an intro call with one of SolidBlocks’ partners.

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