Recently, Yael Tamar, SolidBlock’s CMO and Co-Partner, was a guest speaker on Hitechies podcast show, interviewed by Pramod Dhakal. 

Pramod Dhakal is a tech entrepreneur at heart. He’s spent over a decade implementing various large scale transformation initiatives in large multinational organizations. He’s an author and contributor at Hitechies, largely in the technology space, and often discusses with his podcast guests topics like Digital Transformation, Bitcoin- Cryptocurrency, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and more.

In this episode, Yael was asked to speak about SolidBlock’s work amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The real estate sector has been affected hard by the pandemic and SolidBlock offers different solutions to investors and project owners, allowing them liquidity and ways to monetize assets. Yael was also asked to speak about her personal fascinating story of her journey in the financial world and what inspired her to find technological solutions for the challenges the finance and real estate sectors face.

To listen to the full interview click  here 
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