Where’s the next big tokenized investment going to come from? Sometimes, it’s tough to predict. 

On the other hand, sometimes it’s really easy. Especially if you have your ear to the ground of this industry like we do. In this case, we’ve got the three most important factors lined up for an outstanding STO: the right place, the right time, and the right people.

The right place:

If you’ve ever seen Thailand’s pristine beaches and charming villages, or tasted the food, I don’t have to tell you this is an incredible getaway. But there are other reasons Thailand makes one of Asia’s top destinations – and the world’s. (Did you know that MasterCard once again rated Bangkok the world’s most visited city in 2019?).

Reasons like:

  • More than 2,500 miles of incredible coastline
  • Unbelievably varied local cuisine 
  • Extremely budget-conscious airlines and destinations
  • Some of the world’s friendliest locals
  • Not to mention great weather, a rocking nightlife, and some of the best dive sites in the world

The right time:

As Asia bounces back from COVID-19, it’s estimated that tourism in 2020 will be down by 70% from previous years.

So why does that make this the absolute best time to enter this market? Ask the many American and European hospitality chains who are rushing in to create deluxe tourism destinations to offer a safe getaway for vacation-starved travelers. 

Companies like Sheraton, Capella, and Radisson have all announced growth into Thailand over the last few weeks, proving this is the exact right moment. Because what goes down must come up – and they’re all betting that the Thai tourism economy is going to bounce back stronger than ever before.

The right people:

You’ve probably heard of Best Western, the American chain that made its reputation in comfortable, family-friendly hotels. But many people aren’t aware that they’ve been growing their reputation over the last decade, creating a range of more exclusive accommodations in prime locations worldwide.  They’ve 14 locations already in Thailand and now they’re expanding into Phuket, one of the country’s premier spots.

And then there’s us: SolidBlock. We made our reputation in 2018 with the world’s first tokenization of a commercial real estate property, a resort in Aspen, Colorado. Ever since then, we’ve been hard at work finding outstanding properties to tokenize. Working with Blue Horizon to tokenize this resort property, which will be managed as a Best Western Plus branded hotel, feels like coming home – the perfect fit for SolidBlock’s unique platform and expertise.

We’re proud to offer you this brand-new investment that combines the security of world-class beachfront real estate with the liquidity of conventional securities, powered by the blockchain. We think you’re going to love Thailand just as much as we do. Will you be in the right place at the right time?  To find out how you can profit from this tokenized resort property, click here to pick your best time for a quick call.

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