Welcome to this episode of SolidBlock’s podcast channel, “BlockSolid,” where Yael Tamar, SolidBlock’s CMO and co-founder, interviews different guests about an array of topics from the FinTech and PropTech worlds. Yael, with her upbeat personality and current questions, can make any subject an interesting listen, even to people new to the fields.

In this episode, Yael speaks with Felix Mago, the co-founder of Dash NEXT and Dash Thailand and a self-described “driving force” behind de-fi (decentralized finance) and crypto adoption. Originally from Berlin, but now living in Bangkok (and teaching de-fi at UCLA), Felix describes his groundbreaking work with Dash (Digital Cash), an altcoin that was forked from the Bitcoin protocol. 

Turning traditional financial transactions and business models on their head, Dash includes an open source on the Internet.  Working with inclusion mechanisms, a democratic system and one completely without a structural hierarchy, Dash is a DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization).

In this episode, Felix and Yael discuss the DAO system — in which there are stakeholders who can vote for specific projects. They are called “master nodes,” and unlike traditional bosses, they are the decision makers. Funding is decided in a democratic fashion and comes from “block rewards” from the blockchain. 

With Dash teams working all over the world, including in Nigeria, Europe and the US, Felix excitedly describes the “first decentralized venture fund, an ownerless venture fund, a DAO that is able to invest in other projects.” The revolutionary part of the concept is that “you can run huge corporations on the Internet. You don’t need any local offices.”

The next step is that Dash holders will soon be able to buy real estate on SolidBlock’s platform; that is fractional or tokenized real estate. And that means making real estate available to everyone. 

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